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Processing time can vary depending on the order type. Read-to-ship items have a 3-7 day processing time.

Pre-sale/made-to-order/custom-made items have a processing time of up to weeks unless otherwise stated.

If your order includes a mixture of the two, please defer to the pre-sale/made-to-order/custom-made processing time of up to 3 weeks.

If you need your order by a specific date please contact us before placing your order and we will do our best to get it to you in time.

Unfortunately due to the lack of control we have over USPS we can never guarantee a specific delivery

We do not at the moment but hope to some day soon!

We at Skinny Dip practice and believe fervently in the beauty of slow fashion.  Every item is designed by our creator, Morgan, and made by two hands from  start to finish to ensure you’re are getting the best and most ethically made  items possible. All of our clay colors are carefully curated and mixed in the  studio before being meticulously cut, sculpted and molded into forms that make  up our jewelry components. These forms are then permanently hardened and  cured by heat before being put through a process in which we refine, clean, and  drill. Finally, the completed components are assembled to create our finished  distinctive jewelry.  

We are always working to improve, grow our skills and knowledge to offer you  the very best quality.

We absolutely love that our jewelry is completely handmade because it means  each piece will slightly differ from one to the next. We ask that you please keep  this in mind when your items do not perfectly reflect that of the product image.  We love a one-of-a-kind treasure in our jewelry box and hope you do too.

Polymer clay is a moldable vinyl substance that hardens permanently when  cured by heat. This truly amazing material is known for its versatility, durability  and lack of weight making it a perfect jewelry medium. 

You can take comfort in the fact that we hold pride for the quality and wearability  of all our jewelry by using only high grade hardware! All earrings are adorned  with either .925 sterling silver posts or 14k gold-filled ear wires/hoops. Beyond  posts, hooks, and hoops, all other metal accents are again either .925 sterling  silver or 14k gold-fill. We use only these precious metals to ensure your skin’s  safety and comfort.

First and foremost, safely store your jewelry. The gift bag included works  wonderfully in tandem with a safe place. Hoops like to be laid flat or hung  unobstructed as to not get bent out of shape. Should your hoops bend, place on  a flat surface in the sun or a warm place to rest. You may also, very carefully,  bend them back into place after allowing the clay to warm in your hands or after  being in a temperate climate. Never bend your jewelry when it is extremely cold.  

Polymer clay is quite durable, however, with extra force, unrepairable damage  can occur. Please keep in mind that your jewelry is handmade and should be  taken care of as wearable art. If your jewelry is damaged at any point, please  don’t hesitate to reach out about repair. For more repair info, see my policies  page. 

To clean blemished clay, lightly rub with a dampened cloth or rubbing alcohol.  Very small amounts of acetone may also be used on trickier blemishes. 

To best care for 14k gold-fill, do not submerge your gold in salt water or  chlorine. Bathing without is also encouraged for its longevity. To clean your gold,  wash away residue with mild soapy water.

We at SDJ know and are aware of the harmful impact that plastics have on our  earth which is why we are diligent to practice a wide range of sustainability  throughout our business to offset the impact of polymer based materials. We  work with the lowest quantity possible as to not over-produce, our curated color  palette helps us to stay intentional and create the least amount of waste  possible, if any scraps are created they are always reused, our packaging is  plastic free as well as completely recyclable and/or reusable, everything is  handmade from start to finish by a human, our maker is paid a fair living wage, 

we value and hire outside creative work within our community, we proudly  source from and support local and U.S. businesses, and we always encourage  and educate others to follow these practices in their endeavors.

SDJ absolutely offers wholesale! If interested in carrying SDJ in your store,  please either contact us, or shop a small selection of our goods on Faire.

We are always open and excited to hear from creatives! We love to collaborate  as well as hire creatives to build a better SDJ. If you are excited about Skinny  Dip and want to chat, please contact us.

We do! Morgan, our creator, loves helping and seeing other businesses thrive. If  interested in a mentor session with Morgan, go to: join/skinnydip? and look for the mentoring tier. 

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